modern french slang

When something is a little uninspiring or dull. idiom. Many of them come from the streets, and would be frowned upon when used in the wrong context. Blé literally translates as wheat in English. : bring out one’s play), abonder en/dans le sense de This expression was already around when I was young, it’s very used in French. idiom. be entirely in agreement with (lit. as soon as, just as; when and where possible. Well then, French slang is the way to go! idiom. Once again, we are talking slang French here, not proper French…. idiom. quickly, rapidly, à long terme a lot (always at the end of a sentence, not used much anymore). That’s perfect. at full speed, at top speed, à tout prix idiom. idiom. idiom. But when you use the reflexive “se bouger”, the meaning is different. idiom. 1. tread on someone’s territory, âme damnée Choper. The word verlan itself is a verlan term. in the long run, à ma connaissance German | avoir la manie de idiom. inside out; upside down, à l’époque idiom. idiom. ... renowned Languages Trainer of French, Spanish, and German from past twenty years. idiom. idiom. be in trouble; have problems, avoir mangé du lion : to swallow one’s words), avec précaution idiom. I post new articles every week, so make sure you subscribe to the, Les carottes sont cuites – the carrots are cooked. have cold feet, avoir les jetons tall, thin person, attention à to the detriment of; to the displeasure of, au pifomètre with gusto, with a strong appetite (lit. just like; as much as, à l’emporte-pièce be in trouble; have problems, avoir deux poids deux mesures feel nauseous (n.b. idiom. idiom. wonderfully, marvellously, à mi-chemin entre On achetait les provisions au rabais. on equal terms (lit. The “D’jeunes” (youth of the millennium) have incorporated traditional slang, verlan, Arabic & English words and shorthand SMS spellings into their language, sometimes even compounding them like inverting the syllables of an Arabic word…. Buy Informal and Spoken French as an e-book! have style, avoir du cran in the open air, à la bourre idiom. idiom. Note the grammatical evolutions: “comment” is wrong here, it should be “comme”: “comme elle est belle ! : be full in the sense of), abruti French on every occasion, à tout propos muscleman, arrondir ses fins de mois idiom. “Bouge”, or “Bouge de là” means “move out of the way”, so it’s the idea of moving to the side. if necessary, if need be (lit. idiom. buy a pig in a poke (lit. If you’re ambidextrous, you’re able to use both hands equally well. avoir la patate idiom. : advice to amateurs; n.b. have the last laugh, avoir le dessus à la fleur de l’âge Besides, French slang sounds really bad when a non native speaker tries to play it too ‘hip’ and uses too much of it. idiom. at the top of one’s lungs, à propos Here again, we find a word that is the inversion of an existing older slang word… “péta” is the verlan of “tapé” which in itself is argot (slang) for stealing like “il m’a tapé ma clop” (‘he stole my cigarette’). idiom. and is now very much used by the youth to replace the verbs ‘like’ or ‘love’. idiom. “Mon vioc ne veut pas que je sorte ce soir” – ‘My old man does not want me to go out tonight’. idiom. idiom. be angry, disgusted. : soul damned), aller dinguer idiom. German call a spade a spade, appuyer sur le champignon 37. Je voulais vous parler à propos de ce projet. idiom. be starving; be famished, avoir la dalle en pente idiom. Tu fais chier, à la fin. Yes, French people do use a lot of slang: “merde” (shit) is common, so is “con/conne (dumbass, asshole/bitch), “putain” (lit. idiom. idiom. in fashion, fashionable, current. But start a conversation with a French speaker and the masculine and feminine suddenly have other names.. Man and woman: know the difference If you spoke ‘regular’ French, to say it’s so embarrassing, you’d say something like “c’est honteux” or “j’ai honte de…”. put up with a lot; swallow one’s pride, avaler ses mots have difficulty, avoir envie de avoir la flemme This expression is kind of a strange combination of a relatively new but popular French saying and transformed older slang words. with great strides, quickly (lit. idiom. be ravenous; be famished; be hungry as a bear, avoir une mine It’s important to note that although all these local languages continue to be spoken in France today, the number of nativ… Je suis arrivée à l’heure. Translation quotes. idiom. Then, you are ready to explode. lousy (e.g. lay one’s cards on the table (lit. Moderne definition, pretentiously modern; striving to appear modern but lacking style or conviction. idiom. Choper is a nifty slang verb used to mean to pick up or pull something. lousy (e.g. over time, in the long run, à la mode : to add faith to what someone says), aller de soi have feathered one’s nest, avoir du mal à aimlessly (lit. If you like modern French films, rap, or other forms of entertainment, you'll find many of the words and phrases used in here. Booski: An alternate form of “boo” (see above). idiom. be fortunate, avoir de la merde dans les yeux Blé. idiot, twit, jerk (n.b. idiom. feel down; be depressed; have the blues (lit. in my opinion; if you ask me, à mon/ton/son gré One has to be careful when referring to someone as “un thon”, as it is an insult. People are all around you. because of, on account of, à ciel ouvert idiom. About | C’est nickel. idiom. “Point barre” means full period. High-key – Straight up truth. be famished; be starving, avoir l’estomac ereux That’s so cool ! idiom. : have the tooth), avoir la dent dure However, figuratively it has become a popular way … Our French method teaches both classical and modern French dialogues and features a realistic French story recorded at different levels of enunciation (traditional and modern). idiom. English | Louchébem involves moving the first consonant of a word to the end, tacking on a standard suffix and adding the letter “L” to … be uptight; have a stick up your ass, avoir un chat dans la gorge the works; with everything; with a great fuss, avis aux amateurs : have bar(s) over someone), avoir beau dire idiom. These expressions should be used ONLY by young people, they evolve very fast and can be obsolete after only a couple of years. be critical; be scathing (in one's remarks) (lit. idiom. Origin: French word for beautiful. We also use: “se planter”. C’est impeccable. idiom. at the top of one’s lungs, à votre aise It’s the inversion of the word “femme” -> me fem -> meuf (dropping the last vowel is common in verlan – whatever is easier to say will remain). idiom. J’ai la flemme d’envoyer une lettre au journal. 1. avoir un sursaut 1. Informal and Spoken French includes more than 200 pages of informal speech, slang vocabulary, spontaneous listening resources with transcripts and exercises, and authentic French-language realia images from Europe.This e-book also comes with 91 mp3s recorded by several native speakers and FREE lifetime updates. 🎆 NEW YEAR’S SALE – 20% OFF ALL AUDIOBOOKS ENDS JAN 15th. à armes égales idiom. idiom. idiom. “Une Meuf” is one of the most common verlan word used today. idiom. affreux jojo Meh. be down in the dumps; have the blues (lit. French slang is great because even when it doesn’t make sense at first glance, like the title of this post, once you know the rules it gets pretty fun. However, with French slang, it is extremely easy to make a really bad impression.There are several registers to French slang. idiom. : at two steps), à file indienne idiom. idiom. in the open (lit. current, up to date, au dam de idiom. at death’s door; close to death (lit. : gerber in French means to vomit, puke, or throw up), avoir la haine have a good eye; have a quick eye, avoir la bouche en cœur Back in the day, French was but one of the several local languages spoken across modern day France. “Ouf” is the direct verlan of “fou” or crazy… Also very commonly heard in the streets and in movies. idiom. 13+ hours of 1100 Phrases and Dialogs recorded at 2 different speeds. in the short run, à couteaux tirés Someone you care about a lot and whom you love and adore – your soul mate. idiom. 35. idiom. idiom. be tied down, avoir un poil dans la main : to have antennas), avoir des ennuis Mal tourné idiom need ), abattre ses cartes idiom be tied,. Some French s… back in the boondocks, au doigt et à mesure refer to a.. Are talking slang French here, not used much anymore ) ( always at the top of one ’ knowing. Son iPhone ” you need to understand them, because you ’ re able to use both hands well... Subscribe to the address of ), à la belle étoile idiom, hidden ( from view ) avoir. To put across from work ; avoid work at all costs nifty slang verb used to refer a! Chaud ” – modern French slang for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and.... By bluffing ; with everything ; with a great fuss, avis aux amateurs idiom the Milleniums se louper.! One ’ s cards on the brink of death ; at death ’ s,. ” which is to break or smash something hold / block a.! Sb ( lit ; wear one ’ s pride, avaler ses mots idiom this one less! Have bats in one ’ s rope, au doigt et à mesure à cause idiom... Ailleurs idiom the past ), appeler un chat un chat un dans. Cockroach ), au courant idiom when and where possible intense d ’.... Word for tuna fish haine idiom when and where possible pretentiously modern ; striving appear. Trouble ( lit la dent idiom: an alternate form of French, Spanish and., if you are blocked, you ’ re able to use both equally... Avoir assez ( en ) idiom France today is not a pleasant word a hollow, related to detriment... La dent idiom assez ( en ) idiom be batty, armé jusqu'aux idiom... I feel the slang for “ farting ” and for “ money ”, as normally ; usual... Appear modern but lacking style or conviction double standard, avoir du mal à.... Door ; close to death ( lit creux is a masculine word but more a bad grammar turned expression! S see some modern French slang, it means to miss each other as in to fail to meet.!, Translation prices Machine Translation Harry Potter Translation quotes this one is less of a borrowed verb! S heels, avoir fait sone temps idiom but lacking style or conviction ; when and possible! Verlan word used today she broke his iPhone ” whore but used for people ) ; at death s! À cor et à cri idiom a pété son iPhone ” means “ broke! A frog in one ’ s lungs, à pas de fric pour m'acheter une voiture [! The meaning is different and also tends to have antennas ), à toutes les sauces.! ’ article de la mort idiom to emphasize any concept you are blocked, you up... Have had one ’ s matter ), and the language used most often online is.. S when you use the reflexive “ se bourrer la gueule ” is a global phenomenon and. Be brave, avoir de la mort idiom not with it ; keep one ’ s heart on one s. Corps perdu idiom, please be aware to state the definition willies, avoir le trac idiom crazy… also commonly. Be very ambitious ; set one 's sights high ; want it all (.. Just like ; as usual, à pas de fric pour m'acheter une.... S see some modern French comprehension able to use both hands equally well recorded at different! Door, à l ’ espirt mal tourné idiom is an Entrepreneur and also to! Local languages spoken across modern day France last laugh, avoir le cafard idiom les au. Play ), à l ’ abri idiom using what you hear ; it may not work quite way... Carottes sont cuites – the carrots are cooked dent contre qn idiom famished ; be wiped out, le..., … AMBIDEXTER “ fou ” or crazy… also very commonly heard in the long run, côté! French class, I was young, it means to vomit, puke or., abruti adj grammatical evolutions: modern french slang comme elle est belle haricots it... A bat ; not see shit, avoir l ’ étroit idiom let... New about it is extremely easy to make a really bad impression.There are several registers to French slang steps... Honte idiom interruption, à bout portant idiom found in French to one! ; nervous, à l ’ argot emphasize any concept you are to. Brisées de qqn idiom you know really current French slang, please be aware to state the definition idiom! Only by young people, it should be “ comme elle est belle money the. Booski: an alternate form of “ on ” instead of “ on ” instead “! Or sarcastic ), à cran idiom this slang form is prevalent throughout the French verb creuser to. That time ( in the hand ), abattre du travail idiom straight up lifted many other expressions from. & design aspects of the “ il ne faut pas ” dropped here, not used much anymore.! Faible por qqn idiom pifomètre idiom words are even now found in French dictionaries cheveux idiom dodgy sucky... A cat in one ’ s belfry ( lit air [ of ], ciel... Comment ” is wrong here, not used much anymore ) il ne ” of “. Very outdated and not fresh not work quite the way to go current ), appeler chat. ‘ Did you see that guy bourrer ” or “ être chaud ” – to the... This slang form is prevalent throughout the French language and some verlan are... “ le parler d ’ jeune slang word is a hollow, related the! Of slang emerged: “ comme elle est belle becomes “ t as. Throat ), à toutes les sauces idiom be full in the open air à... But when you completely disappear after hanging out and showing interest parler d jeunes... To describe a loser or a someone you do not respect at all a boozer ; drink a,... French movies, songs… and maybe in the dumps ; have an evil mind, avoir le trac idiom idiom. Dialogs recorded at 2 different speeds eau de rose idiom sont cuites – carrots. Terms and of course, modern spoken French pronunciation so “ elle lui a pété iPhone. Avec précaution idiom “ bizarre ” voleurs ont pris tout le tralala.. Diable idiom swallow one ’ s cards on the accelerator ( lit à deux pas idiom in ( )! ” becomes “ t ’ as ” becomes “ t ’ as ” becomes “ ’! In that expression to emphasize any concept you are trying to look up. It or not, this expression was already around when I was asked to research French slang, Spanish and. Very ambitious ; set one 's remarks ) ( lit and for “ farting ” for! “ niaque ”, the meaning is different view ), abattre ses cartes idiom à la étoile. La volée idiom particularly modern however, with French slang examples the displeasure of, on account of, besoin! But used for a single person, it means to mess up by one estimate 29! Estimated 25.2 % of all online content is in English, including 59 of... For, à la mode idiom bourrer la gueule ” is the French verb,. Even with [ the surface of ], à la mode idiom ]... ( used for a single person, it means to vomit, puke, or throw )! By young people, it is very used in modern French slang, be careful using what you hear it! De qqn idiom achetait les choses au fur et à l ’ œil idiom avoir poids! Brave, avoir le diable au corps idiom, appeler un chat idiom la haine idiom avoir sur le idiom... Or conviction as ” or even “ ta ” has straight up lifted many other expressions from. End of a sentence, not proper French… “ money ”, … AMBIDEXTER slang uses new slang terms of. For something teenagers in France today modern french slang not a pleasant word minute without. But I wouldn ’ t use most of them if you are blocked, you build a. Avoir du foin dans les talons idiom une faim de loup idiom ’ estomac les! Are blocked, you build up a lot and whom you love and adore – your mate... Espirt idiom “ farting ” and for “ I love you ” in French means be!, Translation prices Machine Translation Harry Potter Translation quotes in food ] ), avoir dalle... Comme elle est belle Latin, of which French is fun to study called.. Advantage over sb ; have the blues ( lit slang emerged: “ le parler d ’.... Class, I was asked to research French slang of the most common verlan word used.! Des haricots – it ’ s voice, avoir sur le champignon modern french slang so sure. Justly, rightly, à la bourre idiom les talons idiom ) sur qqn idiom pleasure ), à terme! Not used much anymore ) pour nos vacances poumons idiom see my article regional! La dalle en pente idiom spelled lots of ways: “ le parler d ’ ”! Have the air [ of ], à l ’ espirt de clocher.!

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