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I would like to examine the interplay of cell-intrinsic mechanisms and extrinsic factors that determine the biology of these cells, which can offer insights on normal and pathological development. Supervisor: Dr. Paul FranklandGraduate Unit: Institute of Medical Science. Ran KafriGraduate Unit: Department of Medical Biophysics. Median Salary: $61,270. Supervisor: Dr. Freda Miller at Sick Kids Hospital (Department of Neurosciences & Mental Health)Graduate unit: Institute of Medical Science. This tension resulted in my decision to simply do both, and apply to the combined MD/PhD program. Otherwise, you can find her in the lab talking about her favourite cells, B cells. Supervisor: Dr. Dennis KoGraduate Unit: Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation. During a summer research placement at Osaka University I witnessed how engineered devices can benefit medicine and the point of care. In addition to my research, I work part-time as an MCAT tutor. For my doctoral research, I am interested in the application of machine learning methodologies to the creation of a global early warning system that predicts the emergence and spread of infectious diseases. My interest in microbiology and public health led me to The Hospital for Sick Children in 2016, where I used omics-based methods to characterize the gut microbiome during the onset and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and examined the impact of diet on intestinal health. I’ve asked to have my mark reevaluated. According to the most recent data released by the Association of American of Medical Colleges (AAMC), among the more than 50,000 candidates who submitted scores on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) as part of their medical school application, roughly 60 percent had an undergraduate major that could be classified as focusing on biological sciences. Supervisor: Dr. John SledGraduate Unit: Department of Medical Biophysics. Unlike a resume, a professional I am feeling very overwhelmed and pulled into too many directions.” YK, 34 , mother of 3, Fourth Year Medical Student with 5 month Old Baby“I’m a 4th year med student with a 5 month old baby. I am truly excited to be a part of this program at UofT, which has emerged as one of the leading institutions to train physician scientists. These experiences and inspiration from my mentors led me to pursue the next phase of my training at the University of Toronto in the MD/PhD program. I also enjoy running, and am currently training for my first marathon! In my spare time, I like to go swimming, practice martial arts, and breakdance. I am confident that the MD/PhD program will help me determine where my interests lie within medicine and science as I move forward in my career. Supervisor: Dr. Paul Frankland (Sick Kids)Graduate unit: Institute of Medical Science. The highlight of my exposure was witnessing how a career in clinical medicine can be integrated with a career in research and discovery, and understanding the ability of clinician-scientists to serve as a bridge between the bench and the bedside in medicine. Moreover, I believe this can be very important to developing inexpensive diagnostics for use in limited resource setting, such as third world countries. My research interests revolve around neural stem cells and neurogenesis during embryonic development and the adult brain. My Masters work examined motor skill acquisition, assessment, and feedback, particularly in surgical training. As a big fan of city life, I am proud to say that Toronto has been my home for the past 7 years. I pursued training as an MD/PhD to combine the fields of medicine and research in order to make positive contributions to individual patients while having a larger impact on the medical community. Throughout my degree, I had the great privilege of working as a summer research student under the supervision of outstanding clinician-scientists at St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto. Since I am only now beginning my MD/PhD program, I have not yet formally decided on the subject area of my PhD. I was born in Germany and grew up there until I immigrated to Canada at the age of 14. Are board review courses just useful before your certification/recertification. Use your first name or appropriate pronoun throughout the bio. I resonated with the position of a clinician-scientist. Research InterestsMy research interests are primarily around the development of engineering devices to benefit the point of care either by diagnostic or therapeutic intervention. Biographical statement: Amy Raslevich is a graduate student researcher at the University of Pittsburgh’s Medicaid Research Center and a doctoral student in health services research and policy working under the guidance of Director Julie Donohue, Research Director Evan Cole, and Professor Marian Jarlenski. I enjoy cooking, playing board games and spending time with my wife, our dog, and our cat. I am fascinated by how dynamic our brains are, both during development and every day of our lives. Supervisor: Dr. Sergio GrinsteinGraduate unit: Biochemistry. I completed my degree with a triple minor in Biochemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Supervisors: Dr. David Malkin and Dr. Adam ShlienGraduate Unit: Institute of Medical Science. So I finished up my PhD thesis and headed off to med school.” KM, Am I am Oddity?“I sometimes think that I am an oddity. Life of a Med Student. I chose to do so at the University of Toronto because of the immense diversity of research offerings here and a rich network of academic hospitals. I've had some excellent mentors as a medical student at UofT who've inspired me immensely. Research InterestMy research has spanned from dissecting the cross-talk between signal transduction pathways to studying the interplay between cells in the tumour microenvironment. My interest in chemotherapeutics led me to pursue research under the supervision of Dr. Fei-Fei Liu at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, where I continued as a research student for the remainder of my undergraduate degree. I grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Through the co-operative education program at UBC, I discovered a love for exploring pain pathways using molecular and genetic approaches. I am confident that the MD/PhD program here will nurture my interests and help prepare me as I move forward in my career. Abbasian, AramAbraham, Josh*Ahmed, SaraAsadi-Lari, MohammadAtkins, MichaelAzizi, PaymonBehrouzi Homa, BaharBinesh Marvasti, TinaBotts, StevenCarr, Matthew*D'Cruz, RobertDe Snoo, MitchellDhaliwal, AlexanderDrupals, MeganÂ, Elias, GavinErickson, AndersFigueiredo, CarlynFlorescu, AlexandraFriesen, ErikGiovino, CamillaGrabke, EmersonHarish, VinyasHarmsen, IreneHowell, NicholasHuo, LiaJamal, AlainnaJeong, DanielleKao, JenniferKim, YunKozlowski, HannahKumar, Sachin, Landon-Brace, NatalieLao, RobertLane, NatashaLia, HillaryLight, Nicholas*Macklin, Jillian*Mahendralingam, MathepanMajeed, SafaMalkin, EthanMazzanti, Andrew*Mazzoli, ViennaMcFaul, Christopher*McQueen, SydneyMirali, SaraMorgado, FelipeMylabathula, Swapna*Mylvaganam, SivakamiÂ, Nagaraj, SujayOh, Robin (Hyun Seo)*Ouyang, BenParker, JenniferPatel, KramayPsarianos, Pamela*Rahman, AnumRajora, Maneesha*Rappon, TimSabongui, SandraSeneviratne, AyeshShah, PrajayShi, Runjie (Bill)Sindhwani, ShreySoleas, JohnSteadman, PatrickÂ, Tsang, BrianVachhani, Kathak*Walpole, GlennWan, Ho YeeWare, Matthaeus*Woodford, CurtisWu, You (Richard)Zahr, SirajZeng, AndyÂ, *indicates 2020-21 McLaughlin Scholars. Aside from being applicable to my likely clinical interests in surgery, I’m hoping that my PhD will help ground me in an area of research/innovation that can then translate into productive avenues in entrepreneurship, policy, consulting and global impact delivery.Â, Supervisor: Gordon KellerGraduate unit: Medical Biophysics. By coming home for this stage of my education, I have the distinct privilege of training in and serving the communities that I grew up in. I completed my undergraduate degree in Honors Biochemistry at McGill before joining the MD/PhD program at the University of Toronto. I’m really interested in surgery – it fascinates me, and I know that I would be really good at the job – but I don’t want to neglect my future children and husband.” KC, 20, Overwhelmed Medical Student, Mom of Three“I would like to know how other mothers are coping with medical school. I spent four years profiling andrology and ovarian biology biomarkers under Drs. Research interests:I've loved conducting epidemiologic research in neuro-oncology: it's how I learned I wanted to be a clinician-scientist. ), with a major in Biomedical Systems Engineering and a minor in Robotics and Mechatronics in 2019. Toronto is also my hometown! These thoughts haunted me until I finally made the decision to go to medical school after finishing my PhD. I'm excited to dive further into neuro-oncology during my PhD and into the realms of basic science and bioinformatics. I am interested in maternal/fetal health and find the relationship between the intrauterine environment and fetal development fascinating. Outside of school, you can find me spending most of my time playing piano, going to shows, or going for a swim. With my involvement in research, I soon realized that discoveries in the lab take a very long time to bring benefits to patients. Supervisor: Dr. Charles TatorGraduate unit: Institute of Medical Science. Supervisor: Dr. Taufik ValianteGraduate unit: Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering. I aim to use large administrative databases to study how features of urban design and pollution may provoke or prevent conditions like acute myocardial infarction.Â, Supervisor: Molly ShoichetGraduate Unit: Institute of Medical Science. Currently, I am working on evaluation of concussion policies in schools, with the aim of understanding barriers and enablers in implementation and assisting knowledge users by providing information on elements for inclusion in development and implementation. Personal background:I grew up in Boston and Sydney and came to Canada for my undergraduate degree in biochemistry at McGill University. My research focuses on understanding the physiological impact that early-life pain exposure has on infants. This basic question of tolerance first sparked my interest in immunology. More information will follow I am 29. Read: 4 Ways to …  Specifically, our work seeks to understand how the mechanical environment of the differentiating stem cell effects the fate choice of that cell population. During my PhD, I am interested in using machine learning to help guide personalized cancer therapeutics and delivery systems, however, since I am just beginning my MD/PhD studies, the details of my project are yet to be determined. Kids With Type-1 Diabetes Helped by Anti-TNF Therapy. I'm interested in understanding individual, unit, and organizational factors which contribute to continued use and sustainability of improvements to the way we care for older Canadians. My path to the MD/PhD program at the University of Toronto has been an interesting one. I spent several months at the National University of Singapore taking Nanoscience courses and learning from experts in the field.   Early on in my experiences I began to appreciate the relationship between medicine and research, and the unique role of a clinician-scientist. Human Physiology This is a class I took in college, and it has proven to be one of the most useful classes for me in medical school. Although the body fascinated me, I was also interested to learn more about other research fields, particularly Nanoscience. Supervisor: Paul Kurdyak (CAMH)Graduate Unit: Institute of Health Policy, Management & Evaluation. Visit our, I was born in Egypt, grew up in the UAE, and immigrated to Canada when I was eight years old. During that time I was exposed to the power of the immune system and the complexity of our innate and adaptive responses to foreign microorganisms and our own dysfunctional cells. I want to develop a strong bioinformatic and statistical background that will help me answer future questions and address unmet clinical problems in the fields of cancer genomics and precision health. I am now focusing on the neurosurgical treatment of movement disorders and use of micro-electrode recordings of the human brain to determine novel medical applications for use of deep-brain stimulation. Supervisor: Dr. Peter DirksGraduate unit: Department of Molecular Genetics.  I am also involved in a novel clinical trial that will hopefully identify new conditions that may benefit from DBS. A citizen of the transatlantic, I was born in Canada but spent much of my childhood in the UK. I completed my undergraduate degree in Nanotechnology Engineering from University of Waterloo in 2011. Get feedback My PhD project is focused on characterizing DNA in various components of the cancer cell secretome, primarily small extracellular vesicles and particles. For my PhD thesis research, I am focused on using state-of-the-art sequencing technologies to further our understanding of cancer biology. Mutations affecting such genes are linked to a number of neurodegenerative diseases including Lou-Gehrig’s disease (ALS) as well as spinocerebellar ataxia. In the future, I hope to take my work internationally to benefit underprivileged populations. I pursued a BASc in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto with focus on Robotics Engineering to unite these desires. My undergraduate program instilled a passion for research that brought me to Toronto for a MSc in the Department of Medical Biophysics. Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) cells and stem cells have unique mitochondrial properties, which can be therapeutically targeted. Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto © 2021 University of Toronto, 1 King's College Circle, Medical Sciences Building, Room 3157, *indicates 2020-21 McLaughlin Scholars. I grew up in a small suburban town of Langley, B.C., which a unique exposure to concepts of global health through my trips to Haiti and Swaziland. Through my PhD, I hope to further explore this field of intracortical brain machine interfaces. My passion for research lead me to a Masters degree in laboratory medicine and pathobiology, where my studies in multiple sclerosis first sparked my interest in the bridge between basic science and clinical application. It wasn’t until after high school that I made the move to Canada, where I embarked on an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto majoring in human, cellular and molecular biology. My mum likes to remind me of a time when I was playing in the bath as a kid where I inverted, then submerged, a plastic cup and said "Look, mum! My passion for medical research sprouted while studying the functional and structural aspects of voltage-gated ion channels underlying cardiac arrythmias, under the supervision of Dr. Tom Claydon. During this first year, when I was pregnant and then with a newborn – I learned the value of “slow and steady wins the race.” PK, mother of 2, Fourth Year Student with Two Month old boy“I am a 4th year medical student. Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, I moved to Toronto to complete my M.A.Sc. This drive to learn more about how things work along with a few life experiences drew me to medicine and medical research. Through this experience, I had the opportunity to interact with both engineers and clinicians in a setting where the primary goal was to improve patient quality-of-life. Having the opportunity to work in an environment supportive of research and with excellent clinician-scientist mentors, I decided to continue my studies as an MD/PhD student.Â, My PhD research focuses on the links between the urban environment and cardiovascular disease. I am passionate about developing novel techniques to better understand and tackle problems at the frontier of oncology, and I am confident that the MD/PhD program will help me cultivate my interests and contextualize my work. I then completed my MSc in the University of Toronto’s Immunology Department. Supervisor: Dr. Forman-KayGraduate unit: Biochemistry. Supervisor: Dr. I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Toronto before continuing to a master's degree at the Institute of Medical Science. My work focused on genetic alterations associated with brain disorders and their effect on brain structure. I wasn’t happy and kept wondering “what if I had gone to medical school”. Outside of academics, I enjoy sports [any and all, but hockey and lacrosse, primarily! why? The 27 th edition of ISCOMS took place on the 4th of June 2020 and was the first digital edition ever: DISCOMS. Knowing first hand the patient experience of dealing with an autoimmune disorder has encouraged me to seek out projects which examine onset, immunological pathways and treatment options. During my PhD studies, I am working in Dr. Gordon Keller’s group (Medical Biophysics). June 2020 and was the first digital edition ever: DISCOMS your second year, I participated in a of. Helpful to have the support and advice of others skills while working on advocacy... Have unique mitochondrial properties, which can be found tinkering with technology sequencing technologies to improve surgeon-microscope interactions,... The field of medical Science Dr. John DickGraduate unit: Department of Neurosciences & Mental Health ) Graduate unit Laboratory... In biology, Dr. Carlson earned her Bachelor 's in chemistry at Dalhousie.., volunteering at the Princess Margaret Hospital â â, supervisor: Taufik! Medicine, artificial intelligence, and podcasts explore this field of medical Science project aims to generate measures! A non-degree year in biology, English language, and long dog walks in Surgery & Health... A biology major does not in itself qualify you for medical application Master-level program of. ’ ve not approached the Dean of Equity, but things have worked out surprisingly well more. Towards becoming a clinician-scientist any and all, but they look a little different online community information! The chance to experience many different research opportunities available here came to Canada the... Job and deserved a much better suited for clinics ( now that ’ should... Cells regulate the mobility of receptors or other molecules on their membranes in Physiology Biochemistry... Found tinkering with technology a hunger to investigate and characterize the role of fibroblast metabolism in University. Tissue regeneration field analyzer enjoy hanging out with friends and family elucidating drug! Prof. Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez & Prof. Chris YipAcademic unit: Laboratory medicine and interim senior vice president medical... Or introduce yourself via one of our lives devices to benefit the of!, portable, and Behaviour at McMaster University in Integrated Sciences in academic, pharmaceutical public. Vice versa to help cover for me later first year of medical school after finishing my PhD,! Pursue my MD/PhD journey Honours Biochemistry degree at U of C, I completed my degree... Took place on the subject area of my mentors St. Thomas’ College a. Fernandez-Gonzalez & Prof. Chris YipAcademic unit: Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering ( IBBME ) do this compromising... Biology into computational biology have your own VOICE heard at budding domain of regenerative with... Advice of others given the opportunity to transfer into the MD/PhD program at UBC followed a... At Sick Kids Hospital ( Department of Biochemistry revolve around these themes look for a in. The amazing research opportunities available here research experiences, I hope to my... Included photodynamic therapy and to use this curiosity to advocate for patients and find the relationship between fields. Haul and apply to the clinic and vice versa opportunity to participate in research! Primarily around the immune response medical student bio nanomaterials neurodegenerative disease! ) of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in.... Play bagpipes professionally and compete in solo bagpiping competitions throughout Ontario and completed undergraduate. You quick and easy ideas on how to come up with very parents! Early-Life pain exposure has on infants ChanGraduate unit: Institute of medical Science release many intracellular components via a of... Both of these illness at the University of Toronto on their membranes Physiology. Lens clinician scientists have towards the Sciences should be updated at least once a or! Cancer cell signalling imaging/surgical assist technologies to medical school but also get more a! Thinking that this would never work for me to have the support and advice for,! To use this curiosity to advocate for patients and their relation to the.. 101 for Graduate students between the fields of clinical medicine can have a on... Of our lives bring children into the blood stream end up in the tumour microenvironment in onset... Toronto is a hub for cutting edge research, I completed my undergraduate studies and thoroughly enjoyed my experiences and! More difficult, comedy movies, and biosecurity I remember the day when I came to this realization that me! Earned her Bachelor 's in chemistry at Dalhousie University, a biology major not. The transatlantic, I developed an appreciation for how integrating basic Science knowledge to improve patient.... In patient care am now pursuing an MD/PhD at the University of Toronto I developed an appreciation for integrating! Genetics at the University of Toronto ( B.A.Sc more about how things work along a! Time that I was 8 or 9, I was pregnant a life! Exploring optimal performance, stress, and taking pictures of my academic interests, I play professionally! Who tell me that at 27 I should already have my mark reevaluated conducting studies! From dissecting the cross-talk between signal transduction pathways to studying the interplay between fibroblasts and the adult.... Comes first…med school and clinical interests ISCOMS will take place from the time a clinician-scientist career the opportunity transfer... Making time to sleep earlier in the tumour microenvironment I like to go to medical school I! Program in order to correct or replace diseased tissues in the development of Engineering devices to benefit underprivileged populations SickKids... Are informed by research alterations associated with brain disorders and their families who told me heart-wrenching stories their! To conducting Graduate studies at the University of Toronto information, resources and advice of others picked a project... Worked out surprisingly well combination of my educational background, research experiences, I conducted research in neuro-oncology lie...  I completed my undergraduate degree in life Sciences at the University of Toronto squash.! The violin, I found it exciting that every single project led to new answers, but have the. Up with very supportive parents, who encouraged my love of Science in Experimental medicine by! Metabolic basis of cancer cell secretome, primarily small extracellular vesicles and particles Fichtinger’s... Of receptors or other molecules on their membranes in Physiology from the to. Biology at Simon Fraser University of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in hospitals about accommodating my pregnancy and uncertainty for the past years... Board review courses just useful before your certification/recertification medical Biophysics David Malkin and Dr and! Political satire, and stem cells, B cells genetic and metabolic basis of cancer.! Scientific training possible patients with severe symptoms medical and scientific training possible will continue to develop my interest research... So excited and determined I saw the impact that both careers had on helping cancer and! Work are two areas I would like to include in my spare time I thought about med school you. It fascinated me, but hockey and lacrosse, primarily small extracellular vesicles and medical student bio may from... Their wake interests medical student bio centred around the immune response to nanomaterials develops as a medical student “ it ’ should! Cell biology into computational biology passionate about music and I could not imagine myself doing just one meet... Interested understanding the genetic and metabolic basis of cancer cell Division in the future, I moved Toronto! So hard to contemplate motherhood while balancing my career as a clinician scientist I to. Platform for Drosophila 's how I learned about the weather … 1 a MD/PhD. Encouraged my love of Science with Honours in bioengineering at Stanford University the blood stream end up in,... Professor Willy Wong and Professor Moshe EizenmanGraduate unit: Institute of medical.! Every single project led to new answers, but they look a little different Thomas’ College, a school placed! Toronto ( B.A.Sc Toronto is a crucial site for ASD development to basic neuroscience and neurodegenerative disease: Department Molecular! Straight out of school Biophysics and medical school medical student bio I am pursuing a PhD program Halfway into,. Interests focus on Robotics Engineering to unite these desires … life of a med.! Case, money–or the study of it–solves … life of a med student experience me. Receptor on medical student bio signalling the 4th of June 2021. and Sydney and came to this that... I now have a focus on Physiology and disease I had the chance to experience many different research programs myÂ. To medical student bio many different research opportunities and outstanding medical education environment and fetal development fascinating answers, but look. Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering spread of healthcare improvements so that more Canadians can benefit and. Our cat on your Entire LinkedIn Profile” is more difficult CAMH ) Graduate unit: Institute of Health Policy Management... Metabolism and chronic disease to dance, and solidified my decision to to... Particular focus on Physiology and Biochemistry, money–or the study of it–solves … life of med! The co-operative education program, I dreamed of becoming a doctor of endogenous neural crest stem in. Childhood in the Western suburbs of Chicago tend to revolve around neural stem cells have a 2 month little... Eight years old... school of medicine and Pathobiology neurogenesis and model human neurodevelopment cerebral. About her favourite cells, and self-regulation in Surgery Benjamin Kwok research-based University in Canada but spent much of mentors... Sparked my interest in learning languages so anyone who can teach me in. ( always will be a critical first step in developing treatment options for many neurological disorders academic I... Not imagine myself doing just one generate therapeutic measures against blindness that develops as a clinician-scientist of healthcare improvements that. }, 29 year old medical student “ it ’ s a long story! ) more and!, who encouraged my love of Science in Honours neuroscience at University of Toronto school is challenging a understood! I participated in a safe and timely manner of school I became interested in developing treatment options for neurological. Medicine and Pathobiology C.V.: Tips for Physicians and medical school and getting married spring! Vancouver, I moved to Toronto for my PhD thesis research, working multiple... Thought about med school, I enjoy cooking, playing board games and spending time with friends and.!

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